Is your interior in need of an update? Which colours should you choose? What atmosphere do you want to convey? Discover our must-haves for the ideal interior for 2019.


Elements of nature

In 2019, the natural elements are central to the design trends. Water, fire and earth form the basis for rustic prints and paint effects. Rough finishes give extra authenticity and remind us of other eras. Ethnic weaving techniques and ikat provide a mix of cultures. Earth tones in particular are subtly alternated with old pink or greyish green.


Rough textures

Because we are increasingly relinquishing from nature, we try to incorporate it as much as possible in our environment. Natural raw materials and rough finishes add an extra dimension to your interior. With rustic weaves, rough patterns and thick fabrics you experience nature in a different way. Combine arctic blue tones with warm neutral tones.


Graceful dark

Baroque elements such as dark tones and decadent patterns are ideal to show your own identity in your interior. Seduce your senses with velvet fabrics and floral patterns. Dark brown, green and blue immediately give a luxurious feeling in combination with deep red and purple.



Integrate painting techniques of the masters in your interior without paintings? With aquarelle fabrics and prints you create the atmosphere that the impressionists had in mind. Nature is also central here. With blue and green shades, you bring in the rich colours of the plant and water world.