1. A window seems higher when the curtain hangs from floor to ceiling.


2. A window seems less high when a wide cove is placed above the window. Lighting above the cove enhances that effect even more.


3. A window appears wider when the curtains go on generously on both sides of the window in front of the wall. The most beautiful effect is achieved when they go from wall to wall.


4. Vertically striped curtains make a room appear higher, and horizontally striped curtains make the space seem wider.


5. Curtains covering the entire window make a window seem narrower. Do you also want to make the window look less high and make the room more intimate by tempering the bright daylight? Then a combination with roman blinds or roller blinds is a good choice. Opt for translucent materials otherwise it will become a very gloomy space, and it will reduce the interior.


6. If the room is higher than three meters, it is wise to choose a double fold, otherwise there will be no wrinkling at the bottom.


7. If you choose a design with a large pattern, you will need extra fabric. The most beautiful way to use patters is when the whole pattern comes back on every track.


8. Our curtain fabrics are pre-washed, but you still have to consider a shrinkage of three percent. Chemical cleaning is safest.


9. Natural fabrics, such as wool and linen, react strongly to the humidity. It is wise to take a large hem with these fabrics and to have the curtains drag five centimetres over the floor. This is also handy for uneven floors.