Modern homes and workplaces are increasingly sleek and minimalist. The walls, floors and furniture often cause poor acoustics. Reverberation arises when sound waves reflect on hard surfaces, such as glass, stone and wood. Reverb causes poor intelligibility and disturbing background noise. This can lead to loss of concentration, fatigue and headaches. Fortunately, bad acoustics can easily be solved by interior textiles. We have some tips to increase your comfort.


Curtains and blinds

Window blinds and curtains help solve your bad acoustics. Curtains, roman blinds, panel curtains and roller blinds are multipurpose and have a number of advantages. Because they are soft materials, they damp the sound waves that reflect against the glass. Ambient noise and reverberation are reduced. This improves indoor intelligibility and increases your attention and concentration. They are also ideal for acoustically closing off your space.


Go for thick woven fabrics

How much sound is attenuated depends on the thickness and density of the material and the structure of the yarn and fabric. The thicker the fabric, the more the sound is absorbed. Dim-out and black-out fabrics with a dense weave are ideal for this. Because these curtains are heavier and thicker, they block drafts, are extra sun-resistant and at the same time have a denser appearance. This way you stop the draft and keep the heat inside.



Layers, layers, layers

The number of layers also plays a role: the more layers, the better the acoustics. That is why lining your curtain is also a good solution. A 100% cotton flannel lining provides an extra cushioning layer!
You can also combine multiple window decorations. For example, if you want to let more light in and you prefer transparent curtains, you can combine them with a roller blind or roman blind. The two layers thus ensure less reverberation.


Placement and pleats

Placement also plays an important role in the acoustics. As the distance between the hard material and the fabric increases, the sound is more absorbed. Be aware: this is up to 30 centimeters, otherwise the effect will lapse.
The more folds there are in the fabric, the more fabric, so the more sound is absorbed. Therefore choose a double pleat or triple for the best acoustics.