Is your interior ready for somthing new ? Do you want a change? Are you tired of the vases from 5 years ago, do you want to integrate a new color, or are you looking for a different mood? These interior trends for2020 will help you on your way.


Nature elements

In 2020 we will continue to build on a number of trends that we have already received well in 2019. Natural elements continue to gain in importance. Flowers and plants ensure that you find nature indoors. Natural, sustainable materials such as sea grass, bamboo, cork and wood are also increasingly used.


For window covering, textured fabrics and botanical prints are the way to go. Sustainable materials, such as bamboo slats, are making a strong advance.



Beyond borders

International elements are coming back: we are looking for ways to travel inside of our home. To extend the feeling of vacation, or to taste new, exotic ways to feel at home in a zen moment. Cooking foreign cuisine, enjoying exotic habits, decoration of travel, ... This is a top 4 on Pinterest:



1. Indian living rooms

2. Spanish bathrooms

3. Japanese soaking tubs

4. French antique


In window decoration, this translates to traditional details of raffia and wickerwork, to be matched with stone designs and terracotta colors, which can be found in our Peruvian Siesta collection.



New type of interior

Interiors are becoming more versatile, modern and flexible. For example, our home is increasingly being used as a workplace. Home offices and flex spaces are therefore increasingly becoming part of our house. Mindful and flexible are central themes. A distinction still needs to be made between work and private life.


Other parts of the interior get a makeover. Play areas for the children become gender-neutral, more often also made with sustainable materials. The Smart Home is more and more integrated by water-saving shower heads, electronics that can be operated via apps, ...


More use is made of playful accents:

1. Outdoor kitchen Bar

2. Coffee station

3. Outdoor cat playground

4. Home theater design

5. Dog patio apartment ideas


Use panel curtains to separate different zones from each other. Airy, transparent fabrics immediately give you a sense of privacy but with that open feeling.


Red terracotta

We will the terracotta colors from 2019 into the new year; but a darker version; namely a bit redder. Terracotta is often combined with brown and dark pink. Combine it in interiors with copper and even with light blue as a contrast, or go for a mix with the mustard and beige tones.


Summery yellow

Yellow is one of the most used colors in the Milan Design Week. Both the lemon yellow and the mustard yellow are very trendy. They are usually used in their pastel form. These summer-bleached colors are mainly to be found in the collection of September 2020. In the winter, they are combined with browns, and dark, warm reds. Even with dark blue, a denim blue.




Blues and variants

The only trendy blues are either a light blue, almost faded blue or a dark denim blue.

A smaller trend that is still on the rise this year is fuchsia. Another slightly more daring trend color is lilac. The latter we mainly see in fashion, but will probably not really break through in the (window) decoration, unless in cushions and other accents.


Give me that champage!

According to the trends, the real white will be replaced by beige and champagne tones. Or look for contrasts in combinations of real white and dark gray or black to combine in the very modern interiors. Beige and brown tones also remain popular.