Due to the current situation, we are all more home than usual. And due to the good weather, it has started to itch for many to start spring cleaning. But how do you maintain your curtains? Read our tips below.


Wash only when absolutely necessary

To keep your curtains beautiful for as long as possible, it is better to wash them only when necessary. If they are very dusty, it is better to shake or pat the dust out, or to brush the fabric with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. Or put them in the dryer for half an hour on cold air.  Do they smell a little stale? Hang them outside for a while, the outside air will revive the fabric completely.


Chemical cleaning

Are you not comfortable doing it yourself? To the dry cleaners! They are used to cleaning curtains and you are in good hans when you don't feel like doing it yourself. Due to the dry process, the fabric retains its color and hangs better and is less likely to shrink. Be sure to check whether dry cleaning is possible with your fabric!


Low temperatures

If you do want to clean them yourself it is best to wash your curtains at the lowest possible temperature. Many curtain fabrics are suitable for washing at 30°C. You can only opt for higher temperatures if the fabric allows it, but this is often not even necessary. This also prevents them from shrinking a lot. So be sure to read the washing instructions for your fabric before you start.

Make the right preparations

Once you start, it is good to prepare your fabric for washing. Below some tips:

• Remove all hooks from the fabric
• Wash the curtains in a big pillowcase to avoid damage to the stitching
• Leave some space in the drum, 1/3 of the drum must remain free
• Use a delicate washing program such as wool or silk or a hand washing program and do not use too much detergent
• Set the centrifuge at a low speed


Try to take the curtains out of the machine as soon as possible when they are ready. Hang them back wet, this way they best keep their shape. Let them dry well before you iron or steam, and make sure you don't iron them too hot, also check the washing instructions. Many curtains can be ironed on the minimum temperature or on low-medium. It is best to iron curtains only at the back.



Do curtains shrink?

Curtains can shrink after washing. Especially when it comes to natural yarns such as cotton or linen. The shrinkage percentage is always indicated on the fabric. With synthetic fibers such as polyester, the shrinkage percentage is smaller, these fabrics are more dimensionally stable.