Use of the general rules for measuring curtains, but also pay attention to the additional elements and tips. That way you can calculate exactly how much fabric you will need.



  • Hang the rail rod first.
  • Height:

- Long curtains: bottom rail rod to the ground - 2 cm, so the curtain does not drag over the floor.

- Short curtains: up to the windowsill -1 cm. If you want to keep out moisture and cold temperatures, let your curtain fall over the windowsill if possible.

  • Width: exactly the width of the rail rod. Limit the amount of light with a rod that is 10 cm longer on both sides of the window.



  • Only start measuring after the rod or rail hangs.
  • Are there no rails yet? Then let it protrude 20cm outside the window both left and right. This way the curtain can hang nicely along the window.
  • Take into account any window handles, door handles and handles, windowsills and heaters, so that the curtains can always hang freely.
  • Always make sure that you can measure the length in one go. Preferably use a metal tape measure or a fixed measuring rod or distometer.
  • Measure the height and width of the window in different places because a ceiling, a floor or a frame are not always completely level.
  • Is there a difference between the different measurements? Then choose the smallest dimensions.
  • Always check measurements twice so that you can avoid mistakes.
  • Rod and rings

- The length of the rod determines the width of the curtain.

- The height of the curtain depends on whether you choose a rod with a built-in rail or a rod with rings.

- Do you use a rod with rings? Then measure from the top of the rod to the ground and subtract 2 cm from it. Otherwise the curtains would be too short.


TIP: Are you buying a new house? Take into account the floor covering to be applied so that your curtain is not too long!



  • Do you want the curtains to be finished neatly? Make sure that the curtains get a fleece band of at least 8 cm.
  • The standard distance between the pleats should be about 10 centimetres.
  • Sides of drapes should be stitched with a blind stitch if possible.

Not sure about measuring yourself? We have a measurement and installation service that are happy to help you out!