Reliable deliveries


Bmfabrics ensures correct and reliable handling with the utmost care. We offer the best delivery method for each of our products (eg. our tailor-made products are hanged out for delivery), with or without the necessary help of specialized logistics partners. Our service only stops until you are totally satisfied!


Visual simulation tool


For bmfabrics, window decoration is more than just textiles. Together with the floors and colors of the walls, they form a complete experience. In order to inspire our customers what the various possibilities are, the company has launched a multimedia inspiration platform: the website, along with the corresponding instore module in several stores. The platform does not only allow you to choose from the 1500 curtain fabrics, but also from the paint colors of Levis and Mina and from the different floors of Ardento by Hoebeek. You can start from a specific fabric, a certain confection method, a style or a specific color. Once you have determined your choice and entered the right dimensions, you can select a specific shop and simulate the order to know exactly what the cost will be.





Personalized confection

With Bmfabrics curtains you complete your interior. The Bmfabrics design team is always working to achieve the best combinations. Depending on the fabric and the model, there is always a folding blind that fits every interior. The making-up of Roman blinds is the specialty of our studio!

Confection brochure

Confection methods