Mission statement We only consider our work to be accomplished once our creations motivate and inspire our customers

Bmfabrics constantly seeks for product lines of affordable and incomparable quality, that have an own identity. You can rely on an extensive network present around the world, and personalized service for both wholesale and retail.

  • Quality is key at all levels. As for ease of maintenance, resistance to light and shrink percentage...
  • We strive to introduce our products onto the market at a fair price – on a market segment of medium/low to medium/high end. A good price/quality ratio is therefore our trademark.
  • In all our collections, you will find an identity which is proper to us, not only in terms of design but also in terms of quality and colors. We are deeply inspired by our environment and we literally travel around the world to conciliate inspiration, creation and business development. In order to achieve this, we work with specialized creators and we also have our own creative cell for the development and supervison of our collections quality.
  • For bmfabrics, window decoration represents more than just curtains: emotions and feelings, as well as the atmosphere of cocooning are musts. Bmfabrics is thus a fashion house for window decoration aiming to inspire and enthuse customers.